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Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF)/ Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP)

Normandale offers two credentials in facilitating career development. These certificate programs provide the required training for national credentialing as a GCDF or a CCSP. Professionals with these credentials work in education, workforce development, non-profit, government and community agencies, as well as in consulting and private practice.

The training is designed to be highly interactive and paced for working adults. Learners will complete online training and will meet several times throughout the course, as a cohort via Zoom. Online content can be accessed anytime, at the learner's convenience. Zoom class dates are meant to provide opportunities for collaboration and for participants to develop their skills and refine their core competencies. 

How to get started

The Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) and the Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) designates individuals who have met the requirements set forth by the National Career Development Association and the Center for Credentialing Education, Inc.

Course Details

ID: 66010
September 11 - December 15, 2023 (Online)

Zoom Sessions

8:30am - 4:00 pm
on September 15, October 6, November 3 and December 1

Course Material

Students must purchase a textbook in order to complete the course. The textbook for this course is: 

  • Facilitating Career Development, Student Manual, Revised 4th Edition - Students can choose either an ebook or a hardcopy book and can purchase the book here (It is okay to share or borrow the textbook from colleagues who have taken the course previously).

Please contact us at 952-358-8343 for more information about the GCDF/CCSP certificate.

The GCDF/CCSP Program Offers You
  • Training required for national certification eligibility
  • Enhanced skills and knowledge you can apply immediately
  • Instruction by a nationally certified and highly experienced instructor
  • Opportunity to learn from peers in similar career development roles

Contact us

The GCDF Program is offered through a partnership of the National Career Development Association & the Center for Credentialing & Education, Inc.